“Great indeed are our opportunities; great also is our responsibility."

William Wilberforce




Creating change in our society ALWAYS depends upon being successful at the grassroots level.  Therefore, we prioritize person-centered, goal-based, and data-driven action. Are you ready to change the world?


1tim2:2 is mobilizing grassroots prayer to bless our President, the First Family, and all of our leaders in government.



Voternac is an online almanac of only the necessary information to help voters get the information they need to vote.  Voternac also features projects working to advance civic knowledge in American voters. 


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A well informed electorate is necessary for the survival of our republican democracy.  The problem isn't fakenews, it is information overload. The human mind can only recall 7 items. TheRundown.News presents the seven current news stories most relevant to voters.

The Rundown


Creating an informed electorate.  (A project of Voternac.com)


Empowering a new generation of pro-life leaders.

Pro-Life Leadership Council

Communicating world changing ideas.

New Clapham Publishing

Data driven world changing.

New Clapham Analytics

Creating strategies to change the world.

New Clapham Strategies

Helping innovative business ideas get off the ground.

New Clapham Incubator

Producing world-changing audio and visual media.

New Clapham Studio

Helping you communicate your world-changing ideas.

New Clapham PR Services

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