Mark Andrew Olson

Smart Leader, Winning Solutions

Mark Olson is a winning pro-life political consultant that got his start as a grassroots organizer for the left.  


Mark holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science (University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire), a Master's degree in Political Science (University of Missouri, Kansas City), and an MBA (Grantham University).  


Mark currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Grantham University and is a member of the American Political Science Association (APSA) as well as the Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA).

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A nation’s economy cannot be sustained when nearly one-third of its population has been wiped out. This is basic macroeconomics. This is what we have done through abortion in America. In the 1980's, President Reagan outlined a workable plan for legally abolishing abortion; this plan has yet to be followed. In a call to vision rather than reaction, ABOLITION charts a new course for the pro-life movement and challenges Christians in America to, as Charles Finney stated, "take right ground [in Politics]."

Abolition: Why Abortion Must End

How different would America be if we, Christians in America, consistently followed the simple instruction of God’s word to give thanks for and bless our leaders in prayer (1 Timothy 2:2)?   The stakes are even higher than the mere moral condition of modern American society. 1 Timothy 2 tells us that our ability to fulfill the great commission hinges on our praying and giving thanks for our leaders in government.  Learn how to pray for our leaders in, “A Call to Pray for our Leaders”!

A Call to Pray for Our Leaders

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