Over $20 Trillion Lost!

Abortion-on-Demand is the worst

macroeconomic policy a nation could have.

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Population lost due to war, epidemic, or natural disaster will prevent an economy from growing - this is basic economics (Mankiw, 2014, p. 69).  Population lost due to abortion will have the exact same damaging economic impact as the population lost in war, epidemic, or natural disaster.

 Mankiw, Gregory. 2004. Principles of Economics. 3d ed. Mason, Ohio: Thomson.(page 69)


Nearly 140 Million Americans are missing!

Pro-Life groups often claim that over 60 million lives have been lost since Roe v. Wade; however, abortion did not magically start with Roe v. WadeHowever, we must also consider the number of children and grandchildren that would have born to those aborted. Population loss has a compounding effect over time.

Total Federal Debt

Had all of these individuals been born, most would have gone on to live full and happy lives, driving our economy forward as each would have bought millions of dollars in goods and services (such as cars and houses), having more children, and certainly each would have been paying vast sums in taxes along the way.  When we count just the lost federal tax revenue, we find that these missing people account for nearly all of our national debt.  

Access the complete report for full supporting data. 


So what do we do?


In the 1980's, President Ronald Reagan outlined a workable plan for legally abolishing abortion; this plan has yet to be followed.  Get your copy of Abolition by Mark Olson and find out how we can complete Reagan's unfinished plan.




Abolition: Why Abortion Must End

By Mark Olson

A nation’s economy cannot be sustained when nearly one-third of its population has been wiped out. This is basic macroeconomics. This is what we have done through abortion in America.

In the 1980's, President Reagan outlined a workable plan for legally abolishing abortion; this plan has yet to be followed.


In a call to vision rather than reaction, ABOLITION charts a new course for the pro-life movement and challenges Christians in America to, as Charles Finney stated, "take right ground [in Politics].



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About the Author

Mark Olson is a winning pro-life political consultant that got his start as a grassroots organizer for the left.  Mark holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science (University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire), a Master's degree in Political Science (University of Missouri, Kansas City), and an MBA (Grantham University).  Mark currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Grantham University and is a member of the American Political Science Association (APSA) as well as the Midwest Political Science Association.

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